Ward Sorrick

"Fred Savage meets a young Ron Livingston."

LA Agent:
John Kelly
Bresler-Kelly & Associates 

SF Agent: 
Dee Dee Escobedo
JE Talent

My name is Ward Sorrick, and I am an Ivy-Leauge trained engineer turned cell phone store sales manager turned feature film producer turned actor! Before focusing my attention on my acting career, I produced a feature film called Bar America, founded a theater-based performance group called The Collective Forge, managed a team of sales associates at various AT&T cell phone stores in the Bay Area, and drove taxi boats on a lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Currently, I ride horses in Griffith Park once a week, do marketing and advertising in LA for SOMA Magazine, and think of myself as an Olympic Actor. I cultivate discipline rather than motivation and hope to one day own a cowboy ranch in Wyoming where I can host executive retreats.

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