Brendan Davis

"Ricky Gervais' less cocky American cousin."

Direct contact:

David Ferreria, Esq.
Mark Music & Media Law

Brendan Davis was raised in the theater, "playing" his first role as Baby Jesus in an Equity production of "Godspell" as an infant, and was an active actor and music performer from childhood throughout his 20s. In his 30s, Brendan switched his creative focus to filmmaking and producing, and has since spent the majority of his time behind the scenes. He has produced successful independent films that have premiered at festivals from Toronto to Rome and gone on to international theatrical and TV distribution, as well as prime-time television shows for CCTV in Beijing, China, where he maintains an office. Brendan is a frequent guest speaker and university lecturer on film and TV production, with an emphasis on facilitating international co-productions with China and New Zealand, and has several ongoing partnerships and projects in China, New Zealand, and the US. Most of all, though, Brendan is excited to get back into performing, and looks forward to more opportunities in front of the camera to complement his work behind it.

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