Rebekah Walendzak

"2 parts: Helen Hunt's gravitas. Equal parts: Debra Messing's feisty/Molly Shannon's spark. Baked at 98.5 degrees until slightly pink and very fluffy. Serve immediately."

Brian Duensing & Mandy Karns
TalentWorks Commercial

Hello! I've been a 'character' all my life.  From playing every mother/ grandmother role in college to filling my resume with many of Shakespeare's maids, nurses and other servant-types, my acting career has been all character all the time.  Finally, I am actually the age of many characters I played in my early days, but now have the life experience to back it up.  I not only studied improvisation with The Second in Chicago, but have been a faculty member for over 7 years, teaching improv and sketch comedy writing.  Since moving from Chicago to Los Angeles, I've studied with Lesly Kahn & Co, The Actors' Gang and at Alex D'Lerma's Cinema Gym. I have great comedic timing and gravitas.  Not a bad combination.  

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