Rhea Bailey

"The Wit of Rashida Jones with a side order of Attitude from Michelle Rodriguez."

Todd Maginn
Global Artists Agency
+ 1 323 836 0320

Louisa Spring
Spring Management
+ 1 310 823 3729

Tanya Kleckner
HRi Commercial Agency
+ 1 818 733 2424

"After working professionally as an actress over the past 16 years and being involved in 56 different professional productions, I decided three years ago to pack up and move from the UK to America, to continue on my mission to becoming a great success!! 
I have been booked in 5 different productions since being here in the US, but having found Lesly and her school these past few months, I expect to increase that number, along with more hard work and dedication... and a boat load of talent! Thanks so much for reading." xox

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