Rita Guedes

"The love child of Shakira and Michelle Pfeiffer"



Rita Guedes is one of Brazil's most famous actresses.

Rita started her acting career at 9 years old. At age 14 Rita joined a professional theater company in São Paulo. She was invited to perform in the "Sia Santa Company" and travelled throughout the Country for two years.

She quickly landed the lead role in her first Telenovela and won the "Antena de ouro" Award for "Revelation Actress". Rita has done over 30 episodics and 7 telenovelas for Brazil's largest network, TV Globo.

Her film debut was in the feature "O caso Morel" (The Morel Case) (2001). In 2002 she was nominated for a KIKITO Award for "Best Actress" for her work in the feature, "Procuradas" (The Wanted). (The KIKITO is Brazil's equivalent to the Academy Award). Rita was also a finalist for the Bond Girl role in "Quantum of Solace".

In the same year she was nominated for another KIKITO for "Best Actress" in the short-film "Sintomas" (Symptoms) playing a young pregnant woman who becomes possessed by the devil and loses her mind.

Her company "Guedes Produções e Eventos"produced the stage production, "Qualquer Gato Vira Lata Tem Uma Vida Sexula, Mais Sadia que a Nossa" (Any Stray Cat Has a Heathier Sex Life Than Yours). She was nominated for an APETESP (the equivalent to a TONY) as "Best Comedic Actress".   


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