Dan Sanders-Joyce

"John Malkovich meets Ty Burrell."

Rachele Fink
Sutton, Barth & Vennari

Dan Sanders-Joyce spent 10 years in Chicago before coming out to L.A. where he learned work ethic and a real love for the process. Splitting his time between the rigors of 8 shows a week at some of the finest Theatres around the country (5 seasons at The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, The Goodman Theater, American Theatre Company, etc) and producing his own comedy in the back of bars which would rise to national prominence, he has worked tirelessly in finding his voice to tell the stories he sees necessary to the human condition. His show, The Cool Table, was a nationally touring comedic ensemble that relentlessly stabbed at the social institutions and wild whims of humanity that they felt needed exploitation. They created a new sketch comedy show every week for 5 years in Chicago, before moving their talents to L.A. A show he helped create, Bye Bye Liver: The Chicago Drinking Play, has since opened in 8 cities around the globe and continues to sell out multiple shows a week in all of its locations.

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