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Meghan Heffern was born in Canada, and began her career in film at the age of 15. Starting as a stand in on a popular children's series, Meghan quickly climbed the ladder of success. With over 30 film and TV credits under her belt, Meghan has worked with comedy greats such as Eugene Levy, Colin Mochrie, Paul Reiser and Martin Short. She played a pivotal role in Atom Egoyan’s film CHLOE starring Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore, and will be appearing alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan in the comedy THE F WORD. She will also be seen in Bruce Macdonald’s newest film BABY, HOW'D WE EVER GET THIS WAY, and has a recurring role on the CW series BACKPACKERS, both set to release this year.  Meghan also had the opportunity to work along side the Belleville brothers as a series lead in the Showcase comedy ALMOST HEROES. Other credits include lead roles in AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS: BETA HOUSE, OLD STOCK and the horror films THE FOG, HOME SWEET HOME and THE SHRINE; recurring roles on Spikes BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE, Disney’s AARON STONE, and DEGRASSI: TNG; and guest spots on LOST GIRL, SAVING HOPE, THE LA COMPLEX and CBC’s GOOD DOG.

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