Kelly Kula

"The combined forces of Jillian Michaels and Kate Beckinsale"

Matthew Prater
Dedicated Talent Management (DTM)
(323) 699-2531

Commercial Agent
Melissa Magnum
Minc Talent
(323) 320-4116

Ross van Dongen

James Van Der Beek picks you up in Jason Sudeikis' car with a splash of Alexander Skarsgård.



Rebecca Galarza

"Rebecca Galarza is a young Eva Longoria and Diane Guerrero if they took a dance class."

Manager: More Zap Productions & Management
Michelle Zeitlin

Commercial Agent: LRT
Nancy Luciano
(323) 939-1122

Dance Agent: MSA
JC Gutierrez
(323) 957-6680


Nick Dopuch

"Jake Johnson meets Tim Mcgraw."

Iselle Slome

 "Pauley Perrette meets Lizzy Caplan"
Commercial Agent: 
Tim O'Shea at Activity
I'm a SAG-AFTRA, UCB and Groundlings trained improviser and sketch comedienne. I was born in South Africa, grew up in San Diego, and have lived in LA for 14 years. I love it here! I was the lead in the viral webseries BAMF Girls Club featured in Jezebel, HuffFo, Entertainment Weekly, among others. I have a BA from USC where I was on the Deans List. I do casting workshops all over town. My favorite clips are usually on my website. I've been in 7 national commercials and many internet spots. I have an orange cat named Thriller and an incurable baking habit

Candice Moll


"If Kaley Cuoco were Olivia Newton John's little sister."

Commercial Agent 
Randy Cabrera
Talent Branded Entertainment, Inc
14724 Ventura Blvd, Penthouse
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Main Phone: (213) 805-5222
Direct Phone: (213) 377-5795

     REELS                          WEBSITE                         RESUME

Amanda Prieto

 "A worldly badass Jamie Murray."


Alyssa Blair

"Juno Temple meets a young Chloe Sevigny."

Helen Kim

"A Tough Cookie with a Soft Edge - 
Asian Ellen Page meets Aubrey Plaza"

Commercial Rep: 
Hugh Leon/Adult Commercial
Coast to Coast Talent Group


Travis Clayton

"A sarcastic Jack McBrayer meets a gayed up Neil Patrick Harris."

Commercial Representation:
John Robertson and Matt Taylor
The Robertson Taylor Agency
(310) 321-8484

Ian McQuown

"If Johnny Depp and Mr. Bean had a baby."

Managed By: Kanica Suy
Authentic Management 

Aron Giannini

Commercial Agent 
Jennifer York

Kevin Malarkey

"A young Aaron Eckhart meets Peter Facinelli."

Sidney Leeder

"Elizabeth Olsen with a hint of Linda Cardellini."

Canadian Agent:
David Ritchie
Ambition Talent

Leila Almas

"Anne Hathaway meets Marissa Tomei."

Jason Steinberg & Sana Hanible
(212) 843-3200

Mickey Shera & Marla Haut
(212) 659-5131

Website / Reel

Chris Agos

"The younger brother of Greg Kinnear and Thomas Jane."

Theatrical Reps:
Stewart Talent LA
7250 Melrose Ave, Suite 4
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(213) 943-2970
Attn: Susan Zachary / Spencer Willis

Commercial Reps:
Stewart Talent LA
7250 Melrose Ave, Suite 4
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(213) 943-2970
Attn: Mark Park

VO Reps:
CESD Talent
10635 Santa Monica Blvd
Ste 130
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 475-2111
Attn: Beau Oliver

Chris is a recurring guest star on NBC's "Chicago PD". He also has an active VO career, having voiced hundreds of TV and radio spots for advertisers such as Sprint, Ford, DirecTV and Blue Cross. Originally from Chicago, Chris authored a textbook on the business of acting in the Midwest.


Lynsey Nicole Harris

"Rene Russo & Laura Dern's younger sister."

Commercial Representation
Jennifer York
DPN Talent
(310) 432-7800



Lynsey Harris first drew attention to herself by performing in front of the curtain at the Camera 7 movie house in Los Gatos, CA. The scattered applause and embarrassed laughter went straight to her head, and two decades later she headed to Los Angeles to make a name for herself. With the unbeatable combination of a degree in theatre performance from SDSU, long legs and a metro pass, she started traveling and working right away.
Her love of red velvet curtains made theatre her first home, and she aced parts in Fluffy Bunnies in a Field of DaisiesThe Importance of Being EarnestOne Night Stands, and Play It Again, Sam. Two years ago she co-created One Cent Pictures and wrote, produced and starred in her own web series, Penny, Urned. She is currently in pre-production for her next online endeavor,  Spanks. 
Recently Lynsey has been cast in a variety of projects, including sketch comedy (Patriots & Porridge), psychological thrillers, (Room 13) and independent features (S.T. 2.0). She is also continuing to appear as a student at UCB and Lesly Kahn & Company, and is an active participant in the S.A.G. Conservatory program.
While nothing in Los Angeles has replicated that early experience at the Camera 7, she maintains a childlike optimism that it is only a matter of time. She also still enjoys cupcakes, dressing up and taking down all the kids at dodgeball.

Leah Kilpatrick


"Ellen Page meets Anna Kendrick."

Commercial Representation:
Samantha Daniels & Heather Martin
Mavrick Artist Agency
(323) 931-5555



Wide eyed and pale, Leah made her way to Los Angeles by way of Minnesota (the nicest state in the union, you dick). Today, her eyes a little squintier, she pushes forward to pursue her career as an actor and comedian.

Her background being in Line Producing, Leah decided the most logical decision was to stop telling people what to do on set and start praying that she books that big Vagisil commercial instead.

A meat and potatoes head on her shoulders, Leah continues to work hard every day. Sometimes that means taking classes at The Groundlings and Westside Comedy Theatre, going on auditions, collaborating with fellow filmmakers, or writing new standup material. Most times it just means returning her mother's phone calls. 

As of recent, Leah can be seen hosting Defy Media's SUPER FAN BUILDS, performing improv on her main stage team AIR FORCE FUN, as well as seen in original content on YouTube through DUMB OWL PRODUCTIONS. 

To see more of what Leah's been up to check out her website:

Stephanie Copperman

"Depending on her hair day, she can be Jenny Slate or Nasim Pedrad."

Aaron Anastasi.

"A brown-eyed Cillian Murphy with a touch of Johnny Depp."

Kim McCray
Sharon Smith Talent (SouthEast Rep)


Doug Cosgro
Noble Artists
310-956-7501 (o) 310-402-9552 (c)

Amy Howard
HTG Artists (Commercial Rep)

Bragging Points:

-Have over 11.5 million organic views and over 130 thousand subscribers across my three YouTube channels: Superior Singing, How To Sing, Play Guitar

-Wrote an Amazon Best Selling Book about pursuing your dreams, called The Voice of Your Dreams.

-Have written, produced, and acted in a ton of my own content.

-Created a seven-figure online business called, Superior Singing Method.

Kristina Miller

"A mix between Alison Brie and a young Angie Harmon with a dash of Emily Blunt."

Avalon Artists Group
Craig Holzberg

Chris Roe Management
Chris Roe

O'Neill Talent Group (commercial)